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Queens County - Murphy & McCarthy 1898

Queens County - Murphy & McCarthy 1898

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  • Title - Queen's County (Laois)
  • Cartographer - Published by Murphy & McCarthy, New York, Revised by P.W.Joyce.
  • Date - 1898
  • Size - 240mm x 180mm
  • Condition - Age-toning, blank verso, colour lithograph. Good


Interesting map from the "Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland", which was published by Murphy & McCarthy Publishers, in New York in 1900. A large and detailed volume, the first part of the book was written P. W. Joyce, LL.D, and proclaimed the authors work in the rather long-winded sub-title as......


"A Comprehensive Delineation of the Thirty-two Counties. With Beautifully Colored Map of Each, Arranged Alphabetically, Showing over 11,000 Cites, Towns, Villages and Places of Public Interest...."


Patrick Weston Joyce was President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland from 1906 to 1908, an association of which he was a member from 1865.


Joyce was a key cultural figure of his time. His polymath interests included the Irish language, Hiberno-English, music, education, Irish literature and folklore, Irish history and antiquities, place-names and much else. He was principal of the Training College, Marlborough Street, in Dublin from 1874 to 1893.


Each of the maps are colour lithographs, a relatively new process at the time, and all are finely detailed with baronies, towns, roads, canals etc. They are printed one side only. Inexpensive and attractive. These maps Frame up very well.


Nice Starter Map!!


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